How to play Player's Unknown Battlegrounds for Free?

 How to play Player's Unknown Battlegrounds for Free? 


The Battle Royale title "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" ("PUBG") continues to enjoy great popularity – in the mobile version "PUBG Mobile" now also on smartphones and tablets. But now developer Tencent is doing a roll backwards and bringing the free mobile offshoot to the PC! Until now, Tencent, as a publisher and partner of PUBG Corp., was primarily responsible for the free app, which you can also find in the German app stores of Google and Apple. However, you can now play for free on your PC via an official emulator – although the title for the computer still costs money. Crazy!





Although the controls on smartphones and tablets have been successful, Tencent is separating players from the different platforms for the time being. No matter how great a conversion to mobile devices is, even the most experienced smartphone fighter does not come up against the keyboard and mouse. The developer does a lot of things right when it's mobile. They don't get lost in complicated menus, but focus on the firefights. You also have many options when it comes to settings: from the color of the crosshairs to various sensitivities and positions of the elements on the HUD to the automatic picking up, you adapt a lot of aspects to your preferences.