Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Does the success guarantee a high rating?

Popularity alone does not allow any conclusions about the quality of a product.
If you think that Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) must be a terrific game due to its more than 20 million buyers on Steam,
which also considers AX Deo to be the best men's perfume, and believes McDonalds only serve gourmet food that meets the highest standards.
But what can the multiplayer shooter, which became an early access phenomenon in 2017 and is currently played by more than three million
people all over the planet, really?

Playerunknown's Battleground Review: Made for Twitch PUBG is a modern gladiatorial arena that holds up to 100 participants in the bloody drama (called Battle Royale) as well as the potential viewers of a twitch channel. The (virtual) death can happen anytime, from any corner. Freed from context and history, PUBG focuses entirely on this thrill. His 20-40 minute games continue to escalate. Because the field of participants is thinned out. Because the game area is increasingly smaller. It comes to legendary showdowns and absurd misses, blatant mistakes and happy arrangements - perfect for consumption as an uninvolved audience.
Anyone who has ever accompanied one of the countless sympathetic streamer in his adventures in PUBG,
can feel the enthusiasm of the bloodthirsty citizens of Panem for their fictitious Hunger Games. Together with the comparatively low price,
this focus on streaming is certainly one of the reasons for the surprising, global success of PUBG.

Merciless death zone

Usually, each of the up to 100 players completes a game on their own account; However, co-op modes for two- and four-man teams are also included, here PUBG benefits enormously from agreements on voice chat, preferably with friends. If you like it very tricky, you can compete alone against such squads. In addition, at the start of the game, you decide whether you want to be on a server that does not allow a change from first-person perspective to third-person view.

Like all interface elements, the PUBG inventory is unadorned, but easy to use.
Like all interface elements, the PUBG inventory is unadorned, but easy to use.
Source: PC Games Then you go into battle: In the beginning you have to search
houses for armor and weapons in order to increase the chances of survival and
finally win the day as "Last Man Standing". The playing field is reduced at regular intervals;
a deadly Blue Energy Barrier causes the surviving players to be forced into a smaller and smaller circle,
a Death Zone. This elegant principle is supported by chance, which keeps the games fresh and varied,
at least in this respect; At the start of the game nobody suspects yet, where the final showdown will take place,
which makes camping difficult and always requires different tactics.
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds