Make Money With AdFly by Sharing Your Links

 Make Money With AdFly by Sharing Your Links 

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The Adfly portal offers an easy way to make money by setting links. The whole thing works like this:  

After an uncomplicated registration with, you have the possibility to convert any link (for example to an article in your blog) into an AdFly link. You will now receive a new abbreviated link from AdFly, through which you will end up at the original link you entered, and which you can insert on several websites as desired.  



How to earn with Adfly? 

When someone clicks on your Adfly link, they first see an advertising page for five seconds until they can be redirected to the actual page.  

How much money you earn per click depends on the origin of the traffic, but usually you get 0.001 DOLLARS per click, which is about 1 usd per 1000 clicks.


Why is worthwhile?

The biggest advantage of is that you can register very easily and get paid money for clicking on links. Since you want to shorten links more often anyway, the URL-Shorter from is particularly suitable, because you can already make money by linking and the resulting clicks. 


In addition, you don't even need your own website to make money with Adfly links. Because publishing the Adfly links on all possible channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, forums,...) is expressly allowed on! 


In addition, also offers the possibility to make money with links on sites where it is otherwise difficult to be accepted into partner programs. Adfly eliminates the lengthy application process, but the commissions tend to be lower. 


Of course, the supplier wants a big piece of the cake !

The only possible disadvantage to Adfly is that AdFly wants to earn something. As a result, between 20 and 30 percent of the revenue goes to Adfly, depending on the revenue generated. This should be justified, however, as the benefits clearly outweigh the benefits. Thanks to Adfly's many advertising partners, it can be worthwhile to put links on very traffic-heavy sites. Of course, in a place where they are often clicked.

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